A “rockin'” phosphorus trip to Rothamsted Research

Last week we joined Dr. Martin Blackwell (Rothamsted Research), Dr. Ben Turner (Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute) and others at North Wyke (Rothamsted Research), Okehampton, Devon to talk more phosphorus at the Partnering Award Meeting!

We joined the group on Wednesday (The M6 as per usual was a particular challenge… ) down at North Wyke after they had spent the beginning of the week at Rothamsted Research, Harpenden. This trip was definitely a blast from the past for Prof Haygarth as he spent 15 years working at North Wyke!

For a bit of background here, for those of you who don’t know… North Wyke is unique research facility with its own research farm allowing for studies on both arable and grassland systems, it is certainly quite a place!

We had introductions and a tour of the facilities, being typical scientists getting excited over tubes and machines that to anyone else would just look bizarre and/or useless (check out the pictures).

The Thursday included breakout sessions where we delved more into the ever expanding world of phosphorus. With oxygen isotope tracing possibilities in soil and water, and ideas flying on how we might better utilise residual soil P (definitely watch this space), it was a brain buzzing day!

Friday the Lancaster crew (Prof Haygarth, Daniel Blackburn, Kirsty Ross and Hannah Wright) faced the M5/M6… an epic journey consisting of a lot of bad singing…

So there was a lot of science and brainstorming but there was also a lot of “rockin’ out”… specifically by Prof Haygarth and Dr Hawkins… #Nutbush. Make of it what you will!

A fantastic few days, many thanks to everyone involved, you can definitely expect some exciting science in the future from this group! Next time, Panama!