NFU North West combinables visit to Lancaster Environment Centre

On the evening of Tuesday 10th February, farmers from the NFU North West combinables group attended a meeting at Lancaster Environment Centre to see some of our work on crop available phosphorus. After an introduction to LEC by Dr Ian Dodd, Professor Jianbo Shen, visiting Lancaster from China Agricultural University, Beijing, gave a fascinating talk on how localised banding applications of phosphate and ammonium fertilisers can enhance maize nutrient uptake and growth over conventional application methods, precision agriculture at its best. Next up was Dr Shane Rothwell who discussed his recent work on liming to manage soil pH and implications for phosphorus fertilisation and availability. Shane then continued to discuss future SARIC funded work using DGT combined with XRF technology to provide growers with more accurate measures of crop available phosphorus. The evening was full of stimulating discussion and it was great to see such interaction between farmers and Lancaster scientists.


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